Largest LED TV? Sharp’s 90 Inch LED TV


With the rising popularity of LED Televisions, more and more television manufacturers are trying to come up with their version of LED television by incorporating certain new features. In that way, Sharp has recently come out with their LED TV that has been touted as the world’s largest LED TV. Sharp’s latest LED TV AQUOS comes with a screen size of 90 inches. In terms of the actual measurements, AQUOS measures 4 feet in height and 6 feet in width. Screen size is usually provided in terms of the diagonal measure across the left bottom to the right top or from the left top to the right bottom of the LED Television sets.

This model from Sharp weighs around 141 pounds and has a screen depth of 4 inches. Because of the lower overall weight, it becomes easier for this TV owner to do wall mounting of this LED set. It comes with a price tag of $10,999. The top level executives in Sharp feel that the high price tag would be off set by the lesser energy required to drive the set. Energy consumed by this LED TV from Sharp is less than the energy consumed by two 75 watts bulb. By purchasing this Television, one would be spending around $30 towards electric power consumption bill for the whole year.

Main features

1. This model from Sharp comes with 1080 pixels and has a LED backlit screen. The refresh rate of this LED set is 120Hertz.

2. Another stand out feature is the Aqua Motion technology that would help in streaming crystal clean pictures while watching fast paced action movies and sports events.

3. It also has the capability to playback in 3D and viewers could watch the 3D version using the shutter glasses provided along with the Television set.

4. This set comes in built with Wi-Fi connectivity thus providing the ability to watch movies and television shows that are streamed over the internet.

5. The smart central interface available in this largest LED TV lists the different internet applications including Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Huluplus, Vudu, Twitter and Cinemaplus.

6. There is another exciting feature provided in the form of remote feature settings. If someone has been playing with the television set and has unknowingly changed the contrast, color and sharpness settings, TV owner could remotely restore the settings back to the original levels by making use of the AquaLive option provided with this set.

For those viewers who want to have an exciting large screen movie viewing experience without going to the movie halls, this AQUOS would be an excellent choice to opt for. Though the cost is on the higher side, over a period of time, customers would be able to get the real benefits in terms of power saved due to less energy consumed by this model. Though there are other LED televisions that comes with the big screens, none could match the LED TV viewing experience provided by the Sharp AQUOS 90 inches model. Sharp has always been taking the lead in bringing innovative products to the consumer market place. They were the first to release the largest plasma television, a few years back and now they have come out with this version of the world’s largest LED television.

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